Anti-snap door lock package deal

Why you must upgrade your door locks

Lock-snapping is increasing in Sheffield. S Fretwell & Sons is here to help everyone out. If you have euro-cylinder locks on your doors and are unsure, we have the knowledge to say whether yours are the vulnerable type. In some cases, the locks have to be removed to determine what standard they are. Contact S Fretwell & Sons, we have put together a special anti-snap lock package deal for possible lock changes.

anti-snap lock package offer sheffield

Anti-snap locks Sheffield

What is lock snapping?

In simple terms, the lock itself consists of brass, a soft but non-corrosive metal. A weak point is present in them. Forcing and snapping the locks allows for easy entry. Lock snapping was kept a quiet “secret”  However, YouTube will enable people to publish the latest “how to” videos. So, this knowledge is no longer secret. There was a time when you were advised if the lock was flush with outside handles, you were okay. This is not the case; thieves also quickly get around this element.

What’s included in our anti-snap door lock package

The solution? Our anti-snap-lock package. The average house has three euro cylinders on its external doors. You can swap these for three high-security Ultion WXM plus anti-snap locks. These fantastic door locks have a bonus: They offer anti-bump, anti-pick, and anti-drill protection. The handles remain untouched, and the door’s appearance remains the same, but the keyway has a specific look to deter potential thieves.

The price is £210 fitted, a fantastic price to consider for future security. Additional locks only cost £50 each as well. Extra keys can be cut when fitting the locks for your convenience.

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To learn more about our anti-snap lock package offer, please call us today at 0114 291 9273 and we will here for you. 

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