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The versatility and design of the Yale lock

The versatility and design of the Yale lock Advantages for property owners & locksmiths The design of the Yale lock makes it a popular choice with property owners and locksmiths alike. A Yale lock is known as a pin tumbler lock or rim cylinder. One of the reasons they are so popular with Locksmiths is […]

How vulnerable are Euro Cylinder locks?

Euro Cylinder locks can be vulnerable – but they are improving Previous articles have discussed the popularity and history of the Euro Cylinder lock. In this article, we delve into the crucial matter of its security. Euro Cylinder locks can be vulnerable, and understanding these vulnerabilities is essential for your home’s safety. The principal vulnerabilities […]

A historical look at Mortice locks

We take a look at a brief history of the Mortice lock Mortice locks are not as popular nowadays as the Euro Cylinder. Mortice locks were traditionally used in older buildings that were built before the advent of cylinder locks. They have enjoyed a bit of renaissance recently due to being used in upmarket residential […]

The origins of the Yale lock

The origins of the Yale lock Although the origins of the Yale Lock has a very British flavour, it was actually the Yale family in America who invented the Yale lock. Having already invented the Cylinder lock in 1848,  it was Linus Yale, Jr. who invented the pin tumbler lock in 1868, along with Henry R Towne. […]

Why versatility is the Key to success for Euro Cylinder locks

Why versatility is the key to success for Euro Cylinder locks In this article, we look at the versatility of Euro Cylinder locks. They are by far the most popular means of locking today’s modern homes and commercial buildings. They are very popular not only with door manufacturers but locksmiths as well because of their […]

The security of Mortice locks

The security of Mortice locks Mortice locks are generally stronger and more secure than a bored cylindrical lock. Ironically, installing a Mortice Lock initially can weaken the structure of a typical wooden door, but by choosing a 5-lever Mortice Lock your home will be more secure. Versatile locks Mortice locks are also very versatile and […]

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We are a family business established in 1980, Stephen is DBS checked and a member of the Association of Accredited Locksmiths. We are a local company based in Sheffield.


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